Welcome to Littlebird!

LittlebirdXR is a FREE online virtual life simulator for everyone!
No downloads, no installing anything, just come in and experience it NOW!
We are committed to bringing our residents the latest virtual simulation technologies, developing intuitive and valuable content, and making virtual life more accessible and affordable to all.
With more than 12 years experience in Virtual Life Simulation, Littlebird Grid is positioned to provide the people of the world with the most stable and viable collective immersion simulations possible today, and we maintain a standard monthly release cycle to ensure the most up-to-date browser-based VR immersion available on the market. We are passionate about the technology and believe it should be available to all people.

Say hello to a new life!

Unlike other platforms, Littlebird is designed to be use by Residents. Simple, intuitive, featureful and attractive user interfaces and in-world menu systems keep the viewing area clear and clutter-free for the most seemless immersion possible.
All spaces within LittlebirdXR are designed from the ground up with YOU in mind! Our room-scale spaces keep you engaged at all times, and the absence of any two-dimensional elements means you wont have to ever break the experience to perform an action or use a menu.
Welcome to your new life!

LittlebirdXR is designed as a mobile-first, desktop-capable, Quest-centric service.

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