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Littlebird is a virtual life simulation service with a strategic focus on game and content development and exceptional customer support. Our residents consist of people from all walks of life and the Grid provides land and resources to enhance their lives and experiences in many ways. Littlebird is unique and exciting, offering custom content, trained staff, in-house developers and programmers, on-of-a-kind venues and games, and much more.

Come in and find out what you've been missing out on! Littlebird is now accepting requests for grid membership. But you don't need to be a Resident to experience the fullness of what our world offers. We welcome Hyperpgrid Visitors and HG Citizenship applications are available throughout the Hypeport Mainland. HG Members will find themselves at home in the Hypeport, with as much access as most grids' Local Residents. We even extend mainland region and parcel sales, currency purchases, marketplace purchases and Premium Membership Subscriptions to our Hypergrid Members! Littlebird Is always just a click away!

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