Littlebird Grid

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Welcome to Littlebird!

Littlebird Grid is a world like no other. With more than 13 years of experience maintaining our mainlands as a closed grid system, we proudly opened our BETA Hyperport in the Spring of 2021, making it possible for Remote Residents of OpenSimulator-compatible grids to enjoy life within it!

The Hypeport offers Remote Residents many of the same features and benefits generally afforded only to local users, while promoting the ultimate freedom and choice for all.

The Hyperport offers some very unique and exciting opportunities, emenities and content to its Residents. First, we have The Littlebird Games, and exciting and virtuous engagement which was decreed by the Governor of Littlebird as the most suitable punishment for violations to our Terms. While in most cases, Hyperport Visitors and Residents maintain immunity to the Games, this is where it all takes place, allowing Our Hyperport Residents to enjoy the spectating of the events live and interact with the players in ways which have never before been thought possible.

In addition to The Games, The Hyperport boasts a wealthy and stable economy, with the currency being available in various formats to all Hyperport Residents, regardless of their Origin.
Housing and lands are available at affordable pricing and Residents will enjoy access to many venues and resources that are simply not available anywhere else!

Whether you are coming just to visit, or staying a while to see friends and family, or fully intent on becoming a full-time, live-in Resident, we know that you will pleased and honored to be
a part of the Greatest Grid the World has ever Known!

You're not in OpenSim anymore...

Welcome to The Greatest Grid in The World!